This is the code documentation for the SproutCMS project

function _getEditSubActions()

Return the sub-actions for editing a record (e.g. deleting)
These are rendered into HTML using AdminController::renderSubActions


array $ManagedAdminController->_getEditSubActions ( mixed $item_id );


  1. $item_id

Return value

  • array
    Each key is a unique reference to the action, e.g. 'delete', and the value is an array, with keys:
            url => URL to link to, e.g. "admin/delete/thing/$item_id"
            name => Label to display to the user, e.g. 'Delete'
            class => CSS class(es) for the icon, e.g. 'icon-link-button icon-before icon-delete'
            new_tab => True to show in new window/tab (optional; defaults to false)