This is the code documentation for the SproutCMS project

function _getRefineClause()

Return the WHERE clause to use for a given key which is provided by the RefineBar
This must be called in the extending class if no clause can be determined,
i.e. return parent::_getRefineClause()

Allows custom non-table clauses to be added.
Is only called for key names which begin with an underscore.
The base table is aliased to 'item'.


string $ManagedAdminController->_getRefineClause ( string $key , string $val , array &$query_params );


  1. string $key
    The key name, including underscore
  2. string $val
    The value which is being refined.
  3. array $query_params (by reference)
    &$query_params Parameters to add to the query which will use the WHERE clause

Return value

  • string
    WHERE clause, e.g. "item.name LIKE CONCAT('%', ?, '%')", "item.status IN (?, ?, ?)"