This is the code documentation for the SproutCMS project

function _importPostRecord()

Called after a record has been inserted or updated.


boolean $ManagedAdminController->_importPostRecord ( int $record_id , array $new_data , array $existing_record , string $type , array $raw_data );


  1. int $record_id
    The id of the record that was inserted or updated.
  2. array $new_data
    The new data of the record.
  3. array $existing_record
    The old data of the record, which has now been replaced.
  4. string $type
    One of 'insert' or 'update'
  5. array $raw_data
    Raw CSV data, with original field names.

Return value

  • boolean
    False if any errors are encountered; will cancel the entire import process.